NEW KTM 790 Adventure R Rally Seat Cover by Selle Dalla Valle

We are proud to present to you the brand new Factory Rally Seat Cover for your KTM 790 Adventure R and Rally. (CLICK HERE TO GO TO PRODUCT PAGE)

This seat cover has the same technology and materials used by the top winning factory teams at Dakar. The central section with the special Quick Dry Leather ensures you a better comfort than OEM since this leather is much softer but at the same time provides a better grip. In case of rain the seat cover will quickly dry in a matter of minutes as opposed to Alcantara covers which stay soaked for days.

The rear cushions have an extra layer in order to have this section softer in order to relax on long tarmac sections but also stop you from sliding back in case of mud. On the sides we have a carbon texture fabric that can match any plastics or sticker kits color.

Last but not least we have the time card pocket which come detached from the seat cover so that you can decide if to use it or not. In most cases this pocket comes in handy to place ear plugs, money, cards, keys or any other small item we want handy while we ride.

This seat cover is immediately available with Worldwide shipping. For installation we recommend to have a professional do it to avoid any ripples. You will need to remove your OEM seat cover before installing the Factory Rally one. We designed this product to fit both OEM and Higher Powerpart Seats, this means there is some excess in material you will have to cut depending on which seat version you will have it installed