About us


Rebel X Sports S.r.l. was established in late 2012 with the goal to help give managerial and marketing consultancy to motorbike industry companies interested in penetrating new markets and looking for a distribution in Europe.

In 2014 we decided to start direct distribution to give our clients a further sale opportunity but also introducing new products to the public. We have developed new business strategies and a reseller network to create a win-win collaboration with the top brands in the industry taking advantage of our official media partnerships that provide a vast guaranteed media coverage increasing brand awareness generating a high return on investment.

Last but not least, things evolved bringing us in 2017 to buy production machinery in order to begin producing our own parts&accessories for the Rally market. Today we also count on a team of designers that help our client companies develop any aluminum related product to fit any particular need.


Since 2014 we have been present at Dakar, World Championship Rallies and other minor International Rallies providing Race Service and support achieving some important results.

Other than racing we organise also Adventure Tours with Bike Rental service in several locations around the World:

  • ITALY (Verona and Sardegna)
  • UAE (Dubai & Abu Dhabi)

Last but not least we prepare riders that want to race the Dakar Rally/World Championship events or simply want to experience the feel of rallies and navigation through our exclusive Rally School.


Through the experience of racing successfully the Dakar Rally and competing in all the World Championship Rallies we have decided to build a workshop where our technicians prepare Ready to Race Rally Bikes for customers willing to take part in International Rallies.

Being actively in the racing scene we know exactly what you need for any Rally you are willing to compete in. You will only have to worry about delivering your bike to our facility in Vicenza (Italy). We will take care of all the rest.

Obviously we also provide custom builds for people willing to turn their Enduro motorbike into an adventure bike installing GPS and all the accessories necessary for an off-road vacation ride.