KTM 790 Rally Kit Official Release

After 8 months of development and testing we are proud to officially announce the release of the brand new Street Legal Rally Kit for the KTM 790 Adventure. Entirely designed and manufactured in Italy near the shores of the Garda Lake, this new kit will increase the versatility of the KTM 790 by adding useful features for both Adventure Riders and Rally Racers. This Kit can be pre-ordered now on our website or through our Distributors/Resellers at a discounted price. The first deliveries will begin from September 15th and shipping will be world wide. (PRE-ORDER NOW)

Our goal was to develop the most versatile and best rally kit for the KTM 790 Adventure, to achieve this we partnered with professional rally racers who performed real Rally race tests (Team Kapriony) and to put under major stress the components we went to MXGP Motocross Tracks where Ex KTM Factory Dakar rider Giovanni Sala put the whole bike under stress for the final pre-release test. Last but not least Malles Moto Dakar rider Manuel Lucchese helped us design a completely plug&play system that would give an easier access to wiring than the OEM tower/fairing and make it more Rally friendly for those planning on long adventure rides and rally races. 

Any Adventure Rider will have the possibility to place different configuration of devices from Smartphones, Tablets, GPS systems, GoPro, Ram Mounts, Quad Lock mounts, Roadbook holder, Tripmasters, Speedocap, Stella, GPS antennas. We wanted to provide wider options than the OEM KTM 790 Nav Tower and at the same time make it possible to use our rally kit with any device. The main instruments bracket can be further customised as a wide area has been left in order to be drilled in case a specific device does not fit the holes that are on the bracket.

Main Features

  • Full Plug&Play Nav Tower
  • KTM Rally Replica Fairing
  • Fairing Quick Release Buckles
  • Fiberglass Side Panels (available in White or Black)
  • Street Legal Hella LED High Beam Light
  • Street Legal Hella LED Low Beam Light
  • Headlight Mask
  • Headlight Stone Guard
  • Customizable Instruments Bracket (RAM mounts, Quad Lock and Garmin GPS mounts can be fitted)
  • Toolbag/Rain Gear/Iritrack Bracket
  • 6 Way Fuse Box with error led indicator (wiring of devices can be done directly on the nav tower)
  • OEM Dashboard Bracket
  • CNC Machined 7075 Plug&Play Frame Clamp

Optionals that can be added to the kit:

  • Roadbook / Tripmaster / Speedocap / GPS Antennas Bracket
  • Factory Rally Seat Cover by Selle dalla Valle
  • Handlebar Upper Riser to install extra Tablet, Garmin, Ram mount or Quad Lock and ERTF GPS Unik 2
  • Carbon Fiber Bashplate (Work in Progress)
  • Street Legal Exhaust
  • Race Exhaust (Not Street Legal) – Featured in the photos
  • Full Sticker Kit (Work in Progress)
  • Baja Design Squadron Light (Work in Progress)
  • Plug&Play Dual USB Quick Charging Port with Voltmeter Display