Ténéré 700 Rally Challenge 2021


27/28 March | Scarlino (GR) – Tuscany (ITALY)

01/02 May | Sardinia (ITALY)

26/27 June | Roccamontepiano (CH) – Abruzzo (ITALY)

10/11 July | Pellegrino Parmense (PR) – Emilia Romagna (ITALY)

17/18/19 September | Spoleto (PG) – Umbria (ITALY)

Yamaha Motor Italy has turned the hopes of all Adventure Riders into a reality by organizing for this 2021 season a Rally Challenge dedicated only to owners of the new Yamaha Ténéré 700. The challenge will be articulated on 5 different races where participants will race in 2 separate categories. Our R&D and Production Manager Manuel talks to you about it in this video and gives you an insight on the dedicated Yamaha Ténéré Adventure and Rally Parts we are developing.

PRO CLASS: Experienced riders that wish to feel real Dakar riders and will race navigating with Roadbook holder and Tripmasters. The route will be exactly the same as the one of the National Rally Championship so a mix between tight trails and fast gravel roads.

GPX CLASS: Amateur riders that will use a GPS in order to find their way in the special stages on routes that will avoid any technical trail.

For more info and to enter the Challenge you can either contact us (English speaking) rebelxsports@gmail.com or Yamaha Motor Italy tenerechallenge@yamaha-motor.it and download here the entry form: ENTRY FORM

PRIZES | Each class winner will receive a Free Entry for the Swank Rally Of Sardinia

The Full Regulations of the Challenge: REGULATIONS