New Roadbook/Trip Handlebar Bracket

We are proud to announce our newly developed Roadbook/Tripmaster/Speedocap handlebar bracket. Available in several colors (Black, White, Red, Yellow, Orange) this complete setup let’s you mount either an MD / MigTec or F2R Roadbook holders on the central 4mm aluminium plate and on the upper plate you can choose the module to have installed which lets you mount either 2 tripmasters, 2 speedocap or 1 tripmaster and 1 speedocap.

KTM Motorally Bracket

The handlebar brackets are made out of aluminium machined from solid and are available for 28mm and 22mm handlebars. Another exclusive feature about our new brackets is that they are designed to be mounted also with the compulsory ERTF GPS used in the World FIM Rallies and Dakar. The extreme versatility of these brackest gives you also the chance to take off the roadbook plate and mount your GPS onto the horizontal stainless steel stem.

Rallye Handlebar Roadbook Bracket

Retail Price for the complete setup is 219,00 euro Vat included. Order yours HERE For orders and inquiries