DAKAR: Francesco Injured

Unfortunately during stage 4 of Dakar 2015 our rider Francesco Catanese had a real odyssey that made him get out of the race. During the long 600km liaison while he was riding a race truck passed him and while passing him the truck didn’t realize it was squeezing Francesco towards the side wall until he crashed earning a fracture to his hand. This didn’t stop him from starting the special stage but having lost time with the medics he started the stage very late and soon the night came along causing him to miss 5 waypoints (maximum you can miss 3) and getting him disqualified from the race. We are really bummed because the WR450F Rally was running great and also Francesco was having a good relaxed rhythm. Now we wish Francesco a quick and healthy recover. Our next objective has already moved to 2016 where our top rider Manuel Lucchese will take part in aiming at a good result.