Yamaha WR 450 F Rally

Ready to race and ride

Dakar Proof

Meets FIM Regulations

Full Navigation Equipment


Fuel Capacity

The fuel capacity on this bike is 28,6 litres (7,6 Gallons) which translates into an autonomy of over 300 km on off road riding. This fuel range is obtained also thanks to the fuel injection system which is mounted on the WR450F Engine. The tanks are made out of plastic and have a special fuel pump aluminum protection.  In case you do not need the Dakar minimum autonomy (250km + 10%) you can remove the rear 10,3 litres tank.

– 18,3 Litres Front Plastic Tank

– 10,3 Litres Rear Plastic Tank

– Rear Tank Alluminium Exhaust Support Bracket

The fairing is mounted on the front tank with quick release bolts in order to make it extremely quick and simple to access to the navigation tower without the need of any tools.

The graphic kit stickers on the front and rear tank are made in thick crystal adesive to protect and last long. Little cuts are made on the stickers to overcome detaching due to fuel and air bubbles. As an optional it will be possible to have custom graphics made with personal sponsors, designs and name.


– Water Reserve

– Toolbox

– Water Pump Protection


– 270mm Wave Disk

– Special Caliper Support

– Tripmaster Cable Mount


– 2 x 50 Watt Led

– Low Battery Absorbtion

– Plastic Non-Reflect Shell

Navigation Equipment

The Yamaha WR 450 F Rally comes equipped with the complete navigation system which consists in:

– Electric Roadbook Holder (With Backlight)

– RNS Tripmaster (With Backlight)

– Handlebar Command (Roadbook/Tripmaster)

Furthermore the position of the navigation system can be adjusted increasing or decreasing the angle of the support plate. Always on the nav support there is space for a 2nd trip master underneath the road book holder and a Speedocap on the top.

Navigation Tower and Brackets

The navigation tower is machined from solid and uses a new patented system where it is mounted directly inside the steering head without any holes drilled on the frame. The tower also has:

– Iritrack Support Bracket

– ERTF and TDCOM Antenna’s Support Bracket

– Speedocap Mount

– 2nd Tripmaster Mount

– Fuse Box

Lithium Battery

The electrical part of the WR450F Rally features a 14Ah Lithium Battery (2 times more powerful than the standard 7Ah). Thanks to this battery you will be able to have always connected all your navigation instruments, lights and Gps without having to worry about your battery going flat.

Tech Data

– Voltage: 12V

– Ampere: 14Ah

– CCA: 21 A

– Max Charge Rate: 14A

Exhaust System

The exhaust system has been developed with great attention to performance and heat, the overall rpm curve is improved on the whole and temperature is kept significantly lower compared to normal enduro exhaust. It is very quick and easy to mount/dismount and has better protection than low pipe exhausts. Together with the development of the exhaust system also the ECU has been re-mapped for better rally-raid performance.

– Increased High RPM Range Performance

– Increased Low RPM Range Performance

– ECU Special Rally Mapping

– 100% Made in Italy

Price 5.890

– Complete Rally Kit –

– Easy and fast to mount –

– Direct support –

Price 13.890

– Complete Assembled Bike –

– Ready to Race –

– Discounted Optionals –

– Enduro Kit Sold Seperately (350 euro) –