Yamaha WR / FX Rally Kit 2016-18


This Rally Kit lets you turn your Yamaha WR250F, WR450F, YZ250F, YZ450F and YZ450FX into a Rally/Adventure bike. You can either go race International Rallies or simply go on a long trip having all you need. Our full nav tower has an incredible versatility since you can either install Garmin GPS systems and have USB charging ports or you can install Rally instruments such as Tripmasters, Speedocaps, Antennas and Roadbook holder.

What is Included?

  • Full Front Fairing
  • Full Nav Tower with special frame bracket
  • GPS/Ram mount Bracket (Fits Garmin Montana/276CX)
  • Roadbook Bracket (MigTec/MD/F2R)
  • GPS Antenna bracket (3 antenna fit)
  • Tripmaster/Speedocap Bracket (To fit 2 of either)
  • On/Off led switches Bracket
  • Iritrack / Toolbag / Rain Gear Braket
  • Smalltrack Bracket Support / Spare levers bracket
  • 6 Way Fuse Box with Led error indicators
  • 2 Instruments On/Off Switch
  • Voltmeter Display to see battery power
  • 2 USB Charging Ports
  • 2 LED 10 Watt each lights
  • Fairing Quick Release
  • Power Wiring Harness plug&play


  • 15 Liter Front Tank
  • 7.3 Liters Rear Side Tank
  • Factory Selle dalla Valle Seat Cover
  • Bashplate with 3 liter Water Reserve
  • Nav Instruments Pack
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Additional information

Optionals 1

None, Rally Navigation Instruments Pack

Optionals 2

None, Spare Full Tower/Fairing