RNS Tripmaster XL Rally


The new RNS tripmaster XL is CNC machined, waterproof and comes with sensor and cable. It works with most of the commands on the market but eventually you can purchase also the full handlebar command to manage both trip master and road book holder with just one hand.

Wheel Sensor Cable and Magnet Included

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– Large and wide 18mm tall digits for perfect readability under heavy sunlight and dust

– Sun visor integrated into the casing, no more ugly duct-tape solutions!

– Trip A, resolution of 100m, counts up to 999.9km (with 1mm precision

– Trip B, selectable resolution of either 100m (up to 999.9km like trip A) or 10m accuracy (counts up to 99.99km)

– Current speed display

– Top speed display

– Wheel circumference adjustable with 1mm accuracy

– Clock with 24-hour display

– Selectable units: Metric (km and km/h) or Imperial (miles and mph)

– Light blue backlit LCD at night

– Operates on both 2x CR2032 battery “pills” (duration of several weeks, if not months) and external 12V (required for backlight)

– 2 large click-feedback membrane buttons on the side for easy pressing even when wearing gloves

– CNC machined aluminium casing, anodised dark “matte gunmetal” (not cheap and fragile plastic)

– 100% water- and dustproof!

– Includes front wheel sensor (M8 screw type), wheel magnet and necessary mounting parts (grommets, washers and nuts)