Rally Navigation Instruments Bracket


Designed to be quick and easy to mount but yet provide a solid and durable solution to mount all your navigation equipment to race any rally in the world since it is designed in order to fit also the ERTF Gps bracket.


  • 4 mm aluminium Roadbook/Tripmaster/Speedocap plate
  • Detachable Tripmaster/Speedocap upper plate
  • Machined from solid aluminum handlebar brackets
  • Stainless Steel horizontal stem for maximum resistance
  • Dakar 2016 Tested (3rd place in Malles Moto Category)
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Additional information

Handlebar Dimension

28 mm, 22 mm

Roadbook Holder

MigTec, MD, F2R

RB/TRIP plates Color

Black, White, Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue

Upper Plate Module

2 Tripmasters, 2 Speedocaps, 1 Tripmaster 1 Speedocap