Aurora Husqvarna 701 Rally Kit



The ABS panels are ready to be installed and no modification to the bike is needed in any way. We opted for designing our own, unique, full side panels. Made of ABS they are flexible, and they match the lines of the bike perfectly. The width of the bike is not altered, and the panels can be removed by four bolts. In fact, the windshield and the side panels can be removed only using these four bolts, undressing the bike in less than a couple of minutes for easy access all round. Bike can be reversed at any time back to its original state without worrying a bit.

Navigation Tower

We are actively involved in the Rally scene since 2013. We were one of the first companies in the field that had access to the KTM Carbon tower. So much, that we understood that this is so complex, that no ‘local garage’ can replicate it. It must be done by a proper, composite company. Thus, remaining true to the brand’s heritage, we designed a navigation tower like no other. Easy cable access, strong yet flexible to protect your valuable gear, this tower can be transformed either to a digital setup using HighwayDirtbikes unique iPad and iPhone cases, or to a rally cockpit using the winning Aurora Rally Equipment products. Materials are chosen carefully to allow the assembly to be strong, yet flexible so that your equipment is always protected, even after a crash. See our ‘Tech’ section for more information and pictures of how the tower performs during a crash! The only tower for 701 in the market that comes with preinstalled special rivet nuts making installation a real joy!

Stock wiring loom

No need to cut your stock wiring. We traced all the original OEM connectors to allow you to quickly install your kit and ride the bike. We use IP67 rated connectors in all our looms and we ensure that no damage will be done to the bike’s electrical system by the add ons. No need to extend the cables due to our unique tower design. Now you have even more time to prepare for that trip!

Everything comes pre-assembled

Ask before you buy because other ‘bolt on’ kits you’d have to assemble even all the Dzus fasteners with their retaining clips. In Aurora 701 Rally Lite, everything is pre-assembled. The kit can be installed on the bike in a few hours. Easily. And off you go!

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